the consequences of ideas

"I think, therefore I am." - Descartes

“How could you possibly love her? You don’t even know her favorite book.”

One of the simple things my heart takes delight in. Shiny tea bags. ☺️#earlgrey

It feels nice to have my best friend by my side through thick and thin. All those life storms don’t have as much effect, and I don’t have to steel myself so much for them. 

Happy Father’s Day to the best, goofiest dad, who always worked so hard to give me everything I needed. Love you, daddy. #wally #family #tbt

“They alone show us how these moments bruise and bleed.”

—   House of Leaves

Just seize the moment.
Sabotage the lies.
Life turns on a dime.

Please cease the torment.
It’s weighing on my mind.
The pressure you apply won’t hold.

I like this.

I like this.

My happy place.

"The bad feels good to me
And fuck the sin right out of me.”

My guy and a string of shiny bulbs. :)